Unveiling the Lamborghini Huracan

We introduce the Lamborghini Huracan to the midwest by blasting through downtown St. Louis, MO and capturing its sophistication in this stylized short.

The Farm at St Joe's

St. Joseph's Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI is doing something pretty radical: focusing on helping people stay well. They're taking food and how its grown and prepared to a new, fresher and more healthy place. Providing local, nutritious, and sustainable food St. Joe's is committed to improving the health of their community by modeling good nutrition and influencing how food is produced and distributed. This hospital video shows how healthcare is getting well.

Produced by Once Films.

Dispensary of Hope

The Dispensary of Hope in Nashville, TN is a not-for-profit licensed medication distributor that recovers donated surplus medication from physician offices, hospital pharmacies, manufacturers, and other licensed healthcare providers and distributes it to those who could otherwise not afford basic healthcare. We're blown away by the work that they're doing every day and we're glad we could play a small part.

Produced by Once Films.


A St. Louis company celebrates 70 years - Wiese and their success is about more than forklifts, it's about family values and keeping their customers' lines up and running. Collaborating with the fine folks at Falk Harrison made this work a pleasure. Here's to another 70 for Wiese!

Produced by Once Films.

Tarlton Construction

A company's vision, mission and values packed into a short film that speaks to employees new, old and potential. This corporate video also says a lot to potential clients; Tarlton stands for something and has values it holds dear like transparency and honesty. It's what keeps a St. Louis construction firm like Tarlton growing year after year.

Produced by Once Films.

Sauce Magazine: How to Make Sweet Potato Donuts

People know we can be bribed with donuts. So when Ligaya Figueras of Sauce Magazine invited us to her kitchen to make a sweet potato version, we jumped at the idea. This short is a favorite of the series we produced in tandem with the magazine's paper publication. Fair warning: don't watch if you're hungry.

Produced by Once Films.

Saint Louis Public Library

A double ADDY award winner, shot on collaboration with our friends at TOKY. This video production highlights the re-imagining and grand reopening of a St. Louis icon. We blended thoughtful interviews with cinematic B-roll to promote this worthy nonprofit in today's viral video world. Authentic and engaging, this documentary-style film premiered at the Library's grand opening gala and now lives online as a web-based brand film for all to see.

Produced by Once Films.

Introducing the Lamborghini Aventador

How to catch a 700-horsepower, 217-mile-per-hour Lamborghini Aventador on film? Once Films got the nod to create a 60-second spot that showcased this exotic 400k V12 beast, luring potential buyers to the big debut party for St. Louis Lamborghini and driving sales through a sustained, viral online video buzz. 

Produced by Once Films.

The Forever Campaign - Forest Park Forever (produced by Once Films)

The film that launched the Forever Campaign, a fundraising effort for Forest Park Forever.

Moving Forward - United Way of Greater St. Louis (produced by Once Films)

One of three stories created for the 2015 United Way Giving Campaign.